FFP2 Maske - partikelfiltrierende Halbmaske
CE 2163
Nach EN 149 geprüft


-skin friendly and compatible
-CE 2163 tested
-Easy to put on
-Very good ventilation
-Protects against particles, droplets and aerosols
-Intended as a disposable product

FFP2 masks, as items of personal protective equipment, serve primarily to protect the mask wearer from particles, droplets and aerosols. The masks are intended to be disposable. They should be changed regularly and disposed of after use. They must fit close to the face in order to develop their filtering performance.

Like medical face masks, FFP2 masks must comply with clear requirements of laws and technical standards. In particular, the filtering performance of the mask material is tested with aerosols against the European standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009. FFP2 masks must filter at least 94% of the test aerosols. They are therefore proven to provide effective protection even against aerosols. The test standard is printed on the surface of the FFP mask, together with the CE mark and the four-digit identification number of the notified body. The CE mark indicates that the FFP2 mask has undergone a successful verification procedure (conformity assessment procedure).

Creating the mask:
•Wash hands before and after putting on/putting down the device
•Place over mouth, nose and cheeks - fit as tightly as possible at the edges
•When removing and disposing, touch only the straps, do not touch the outside
•Allow soaked masks to dry at room temperature - higher temperatures favor the proliferation of bacteria and molds